Mouth-Watering Traditional Yellow Rice

Spices are one of the best the mother of nature gives. Rice cooked with spices is rice full of taste. In many regions in the world, rice is still becoming main menu components. Regions that have rice as main menu components cook it in many different way. There is for example, Hainan rice, rice that is cooked with either pork or beef stock but mostly pork. Many believe that Hainan rice comes from main China land then introduced to its colony states. There is also what so called yellow rice, one that comes originally from Indonesia. This rice recipe is known widely in Indonesia as part of celebration as Indonesian often celebrates things with yellow rice becomes the main dishes.

Yellow rice always served with its accompanying menu; the most often is traditional fried chicken, grinded chilli called sambal in local language and mashed potato with spices called perkedel kentang. You may see yellow rice menu is one consists of high carbohydrate and perhaps then avoid it. But, once you taste it you may not care anymore. The mix between spicy and sweet plus the various menu accompanying will make everyone finds their favourite taste on the serve. Especially if the yellow rice recipe you use is the origin traditional one where pure home ingredients are as well processed traditionally. It is where the yellow rice both tasty in the taste and in the texture. Not to mention, there is also that colourful look that just increases the appetite.

Whenever you have things to celebrate and want to have some traditional components in it, yellow rice is a right menu to serve. It is not difficult to cook yellow rice, and the taste is worth the cooking process. Serve when it is still hot to just make all get more mouth-watering.

Cremation Services In Virginia, What To Consider?

Even though, it is not a pleasant experience, but someday you realize that you and your loved one will leave this world and move to another dimension. That is why as the last time tribute to show how much love that you have for your loved one, you want to ensure that you give the best cremation services in Virginia. Apart from what funeral home to choose, prior you need to determine kind of cremation services that you want. There are some options, such as, cremation to memorial service, cremation after the funeral , and the last one is direct cremation service.


Direct cremation means the process of cremation is done directly by eliminating typical funeral services. And yes, compared to another cremation service, this one is more affordable. Next is about arranging a cremation, and it takes some other works to find the best direct cremation services for your beloved. Find some names of funeral homes to apply some comparison. As you need one in Virginia, Direct Cremation Services Of Virginia is one to consider among another options. It provides you without a typical traditional method that chokes your wallet. Don’t get it wrong, this is not about being stingy, but sometimes as you don’t have any preparation you need to consider some affordable options.


Fear not, it won’t affect the top notch quality which they offer. Simply come to their site, just in case you consider this option. There you can choose what kind of cremation services package that fits to you, such as, services per need or service at need. It is recommended that before finalizing your option, you do some investigative work to find another necessary information for the cremation services like the price lists, cremation forms and many others. Ensure that you know as well whether the package that you pick covers death certificate copies or medical examiners fees.