Mouth-Watering Traditional Yellow Rice

Spices are one of the best the mother of nature gives. Rice cooked with spices is rice full of taste. In many regions in the world, rice is still becoming main menu components. Regions that have rice as main menu components cook it in many different way. There is for example, Hainan rice, rice that is cooked with either pork or beef stock but mostly pork. Many believe that Hainan rice comes from main China land then introduced to its colony states. There is also what so called yellow rice, one that comes originally from Indonesia. This rice recipe is known widely in Indonesia as part of celebration as Indonesian often celebrates things with yellow rice becomes the main dishes.

Yellow rice always served with its accompanying menu; the most often is traditional fried chicken, grinded chilli called sambal in local language and mashed potato with spices called perkedel kentang. You may see yellow rice menu is one consists of high carbohydrate and perhaps then avoid it. But, once you taste it you may not care anymore. The mix between spicy and sweet plus the various menu accompanying will make everyone finds their favourite taste on the serve. Especially if the yellow rice recipe you use is the origin traditional one where pure home ingredients are as well processed traditionally. It is where the yellow rice both tasty in the taste and in the texture. Not to mention, there is also that colourful look that just increases the appetite.

Whenever you have things to celebrate and want to have some traditional components in it, yellow rice is a right menu to serve. It is not difficult to cook yellow rice, and the taste is worth the cooking process. Serve when it is still hot to just make all get more mouth-watering.

Cremation Services In Virginia, What To Consider?

Even though, it is not a pleasant experience, but someday you realize that you and your loved one will leave this world and move to another dimension. That is why as the last time tribute to show how much love that you have for your loved one, you want to ensure that you give the best cremation services in Virginia. Apart from what funeral home to choose, prior you need to determine kind of cremation services that you want. There are some options, such as, cremation to memorial service, cremation after the funeral , and the last one is direct cremation service.


Direct cremation means the process of cremation is done directly by eliminating typical funeral services. And yes, compared to another cremation service, this one is more affordable. Next is about arranging a cremation, and it takes some other works to find the best direct cremation services for your beloved. Find some names of funeral homes to apply some comparison. As you need one in Virginia, Direct Cremation Services Of Virginia is one to consider among another options. It provides you without a typical traditional method that chokes your wallet. Don’t get it wrong, this is not about being stingy, but sometimes as you don’t have any preparation you need to consider some affordable options.


Fear not, it won’t affect the top notch quality which they offer. Simply come to their site, just in case you consider this option. There you can choose what kind of cremation services package that fits to you, such as, services per need or service at need. It is recommended that before finalizing your option, you do some investigative work to find another necessary information for the cremation services like the price lists, cremation forms and many others. Ensure that you know as well whether the package that you pick covers death certificate copies or medical examiners fees.

Camping Family Fun

Camping has always been a favorite of families for fun and get together. Times have changed and teenagers go not like camping anymore, there are no computers and internet signals in the woods and sometimes they even lose their cell communication. Modern camp grounds are not like this, of course you need to roughen it up a bit to enjoy camping, but this does not mean you have to be totally isolated from the world.

Summer camping with all the family is a great opportunity to bond and have fun. Even teenagers will go for it if you chose the camp carefully and make sure that they have wireless computer access and that they are within cell phone communication too. This does not mean that the kids will spend the day hooked up to the computers or phones all day. It means that they can feel safe and comfortable because they can still communicate even though they wont be doing it all the time.

It is important that you and your kinds define and set the communication with the outside times so you do not have any confusion later. The idea of the trip is to share with each other outdoor activities and not to go somewhere else to use the phone and computer. Schedules for this must be set and respected, if they are not the trip will end up in failure. Family activities should be agreed upon by all those involved. Canoe rides and swimming or hiking, horseback riding, any activity that involves the whole family must be agreed upon by everybody.

The children will not have fun if they are forced to do something they dont want. Get everybody involved in the planning and preparing of meals, everyone should also have chores to do, collect wood or wash the dishes. Get the family together for at least one hour at night around the campfire and talk to your children, listen to them talk about their friends or what they do or want to do. It may seem stupid to you or worthless to you as an adult, but their worries and problems are very real for them and they need solutions for these problems.

Forget about work and school and all the problems you have at home during thee few days. Concentrate on sharing as much time as possible with your wife and children. Make it a point to have individual activities with each one alone too. This will help you get closer and learn more about each other in a one to one conversation away from the normal environment of home pressure.

Talking and having family fun with teenagers is not easy. You must have patience and you must have a canny instinct to know and feel when it is time to approach them and when not to. Taking them out of their environment for a couple of days is good because they will be relieved of their everyday pressures and stress much in the same way you will also be relieved of these. It will be easier for both of you to communicate and talk about irrelevant stuff. Be patient and follow your instincts, this can be a great bonding experience that will stay with them forever.

A family camping trip is always a way to bring the family closer and to enjoy nature together. Take advantage of the time together and get to know your children better.

How To Keep It In The Family

If You Want To Keep It In The Family… Then This Article Is For You…

Whats the background to this..?

Well, lets start with the the bad news first…

Every year tens of thousands of people are forced to sell their home to pay for residential care because they are no longer able to live independently. Many thousands more are unable to pass their home on to their children because the Local Authority has taken a charge over it to be paid on their death.

How much of your estate are you prepared to lose?

With the threshold for state support set at just 14,250, almost everything you have is at risk. Anyone that owns their home, or has more than a minimum amount of savings faces the prospect that practically everything they have worked for could be taken away from them if they are unable to care for themselves in later life. ISAs, Premium Bonds, Bank and Building Society Accounts, Shares, National Savings, OEICS and similar savings and investments are all at risk.

How long will your savings last?

The average cost of residential care is 2716 per month and this figure is expected to double over the next twenty years. In fact, many people in the south of England already pay 5000 or more each month for their care.

Have you paid a mortgage for most of your working life only to have your home taken from you in your last few years?

If you want to protect your estate and still be able to have use and enjoyment of it, then the Universal Asset Protection Trust (APT) is the ideal solution.

Assets held in trust are normally disregarded for care purposes provided that the trust has been set up correctly and the assets ring-fenced at the right time. This is a highly specialised area and many Solicitors, Accountants and Financial Advisers across the country, refer their clients to us for protection.

The assets held in the trust are specifically held for your benefit during your lifetime. This means that you are free to move, downsize or release capital at any time. You are able to sell up and move into sheltered accommodation in the future if this becomes necessary and the proceeds of sale can then provide an income or be spent enjoying your retirement.

The Universal Asset Protection Trust is fully reversible, so if you change your mind at any time in the future, you are able to return everything to just the way it is now.

Many people that set up an APT are not worried about care fees. There are many reasons to hold your estate in this protective environment that can save you and your family tens of thousands in potential fees and pass your estate intact to your loved ones.

I have many years experiance of setting up Asset Protection Trusts for clients around East Anglia and the South East and can share with you how you can avoid care home fees, so you protect your assets for your family…

To find out more about how an Asset Protection Trust can help you Keep It In The Family… go to our website at…

How Attitudes To Family, Marriage And Divorce Have Changed

Attitudes to family, marriage and divorce have changed over the last century. Here we look at how different aspects of family life are seen compared to the past.


In the past people married at a much younger age on average than they do today. Marrying in your late teens or early twenties was the norm. Most people got married as this is what was expected of you, and people rarely considered not doing so.

Many fewer decide to marry these days. Many make the conscious decisions not to as they prefer to remain more independent. This can be the case for both genders. Some would argue that people wait to meet the right person now, whereas before they would marry the first person who came along.

Living Together while not Married

In the past it was not socially acceptable for unmarried couples to live together. It was seen as wrong and was therefore extremely rare. It is possible that this contributed to early marriage.

Unmarried couples living together has almost become the norm now. Many decide to see how they get along living together before they decide to marry. It is also common for couples to live together, and possibly have children, without ever getting married. They live the same way as a married couple without ever making it official.


It used to be rare for people not to have children. Most people would conform to a very specific lifestyle, marrying young and having children soon after. Hardly anyone had children before marriage, and it was even rarer for people to do this by choice.

Nowadays it is not uncommon at all for people to have children without being married and this is not seen as a big issue by most. Sometimes parents live together as a family with their children without being married, while others are single parents. Not everyone decides to have children either. It is no longer seen as something you must do so it has become more of a choice.

The Role of Women

A hundred years ago, the role of women was very specific. They were expected to marry, have children, and not work. Their role was to look after the home and their children while men went out to work.

Womens role in family life, and life in general, now depends on the individual person and her circumstances. Many still crave the traditional lifestyle of marriage and children, but many make other choices. There are many more career women; some are working parents while others dont have children at all. The role of men is also less rigid, and it is much more common than it used to be for Mothers to go to work while Fathers stay at home.


Divorce was once illegal so wasnt an option at all. Even once it did become legal it was rarely considered and was deemed a sin by many.

Now it is much more common for a variety of reasons. Attitudes have completely changed and divorce is seen as perfectly acceptable for those in an unhappy marriage and there is no longer the same stigma attached to it. Although some think of the increase in divorce as a negative, it could be argued that it is better than remaining unhappy. It is also practically easier with family law having changed to make it easier for those seeking a divorce.

Andrew Marshall (c)

Divorce Can Destroy Family If Not Careful

Few things are as tragic or traumatic as a divorceespecially for any school-aged children who may be involved. It is almost a given that despite the best intentions of the parents to keep everything civil, children will still generally choose sides and ultimately decide who they believe caused the divorce. For this parent, reconciliation can seem like an unending nightmare. In many cases, the scars caused by a divorce will linger on in a family for generations to come. While many families choose the let’s not talk about the divorce strategy, few children can accept such a closed-minded answer.

Few divorces begin mutually. There is usually one spouse who files for divorce first and ends up hurting the feelings of the other in the process. It is common for children to identify with the parent who was served papers, especially if they are perceived as an innocent victim or at least as the parent who was trying to make the marriage work. Many children will blame the parent who filed for divorce even when it was actually the better thing to dofor all involved.

It is also common for the children of a divorce to have more sympathy and respect for the parent who has primary custody. This parent is generally perceived as the one who must work a job PLUS take care of the children while the other parent only has to send a check and maybe spend some time with them on the weekends. If deliberate steps are not immediately taken to establish a relationship with the children after the divorce has been finalized.

The primary problem is one of trust. The child often feels betrayed by the parent who, in their mind, caused the family to split up. The only way to reestablish this trust is to make sure to be completely honest when they ask questions and to make sure that all commitments are honoredin other words, the child now wants, or rather expects, the offending parent to now treat them with the respect that they did not receive prior to the divorce.

A divorce does not always have to have a good and a bad parent. It is possible that the family can survive a divorce without completely breaking apart at the seams. When children are involved, it is important to reestablish trust with them by being completely honest and fulfilling all commitments made to them. Only by treating children with respect and giving them a voice in family affairs will there still be a family after a divorce.

Food Gift Basket Ideas for Family Gatherings

Make this year’s family reunion memorable by giving cheese and sausage gift baskets and other goodies to everyone. It is best to give relatives gifts which remind them of gatherings, especially for families which rarely see each other every year. Below are some tips on how you can make your gifts very special:

Think of food items that your relatives would surely love. Find out what their favorites are, or what their children usually eat. If there are more kids in the family, include candies and healthy treats. Are they fond of eating meat? Do they love sharing pizza at home? If so, you might as well give them meat and cheese gift baskets to enjoy. If you have plenty of time to prepare, determine what each family’s favorites are, and prepare different gift baskets suited to each of them.

When you choose goodies to put in the basket, consider buying nutritious food items. Include vegetables or fruits, or organic snacks that everyone would surely love. Remember that you will be handing the fruit baskets to people are dear to you, so you might as well give them healthy goodies. You can also make fruit and vegetable preserves for them. This way, you are certain that what you give them are safe and organic.

Giving them no-cook food items is also a great idea. Weekdays might be very hectic to your relatives. Hence, they may have no time to cook and prepare meals. Put snacks or goods in the basket that do not need too much cooking such as no cook cereals, healthy canned fruit, and vegetables, non-fat cookies, and biscuits. Include home-made dips and spreads, so your nieces and nephews would enjoy eating bread and healthy salads at home.

Be creative in decorating your food baskets. Base your decorations on this year’s family reunion. Put ribbons on cookie jars or candy containers to make them look more colorful and attractive. Do not forget to label the baskets-put names of the families whom you are giving the gift baskets to. This way, they’ll appreciate them more and feel you exerted much effort in preparing such food items for them.

Put your food items in reusable containers so your relatives will have something to use for food storage. Plastic reusable containers are very affordable and perfect for giveaways. If for example you have decided to give meat and cheese gift baskets for everybody, make sure that the meat and blocks of cheese are contained and sealed in lightweight reusable plastics.

Finding The Right Family Property Choosing Child-friendly Rentals

Finding the right home to rent is hard enough, but when you add children into the equation it becomes even more complicated. Renting a house for any period of time with kids cant only be about the cost of the monthly rental. There are many factors that need to be considered when you want to move children into a new home, from the closest schools to the available storage space. Being prepared is the only way to survive this endeavour and having a checklist of things to look out for beforehand can save you a huge amount of time in the long run.

Finding the right home to rent is hard enough, but when you add children into the equation it becomes even more complicated. Renting a house for any period of time with kids cant only be about the cost of the monthly rental. There are many factors that need to be considered when you want to move children into a new home, from the closest schools to the available storage space. Being prepared is the only way to survive this endeavour and having a checklist of things to look out for beforehand can save you a huge amount of time in the long run.

The Right Rental Property for People with Children
Every familys criteria differs when it comes to searching for a rental property and there are a variety of factors that influence what is important to whom. For instance, a family only looking to rent a house for a short period of time should not prioritise ample storage space. However, a family looking to rent a home long term should bear in mind that having kids and not enough storage means a pretty messy home.

While every factor should be prioritised according to each familys unique situation, there are some standard considerations that everyone should take into account when trying to find a family-friendly rental home.
* Appliances  if you are looking to rent a house that is furnished with appliances, make sure that they actually work. Getting a landlord to fix them later could be a hassle. If you have small children, it is also worthwhile considering where they are situated. For instance, a built in oven could burn a toddler just starting to walk.
* Crime  talk to the neighbours and find out if they feel safe in the area or if any crimes have recently occurred. This not only keeps you informed but allows you to take any necessary safety precautions in advance.
* Power Points  not having enough power points or having badly situated ones can be extremely annoying down the line. Check where each power point is and make sure that they can be blocked should you have small children.
* Local Schools  many schools only accept children living in a certain radius of the school. Be aware of this and make sure that your new rental home is either in the right area or does not affect your childs position at their current school.
* Transport Links  access to highways, stations and public transport are a huge factor if you are looking to rent a new house with your children. There is no use being in a great new house if your children are always late for school as there is no easy way to get them there.
* A Double Storey Home  make sure that the upstairs windows are either barred or child proof to prevent any accidents. The same should apply to the stairs. Stairs without a back are a hazard for young children and there should be space for you to install a safety gate.
* Accessories  while purple carpets and peeling wall paper are what usually puts people off a rental house, there are some other considerations that need to be taken into account for families. Blinds and curtains that come with the house should not have any long tassels or strings as these could strangle a child. Such features usually cant be changed and could cause problems in the future.
* Swimming Pool  many people feel that a pool in a rental house is a bonus and jump at such a property, but swimming pools are extremely dangerous for children and need to either be fenced in or covered with a safety net.

The Right Rental Property for Stay-at-Home Parents
Not all considerations that need to be taken into account when renting a family-friendly home are about safety and practicality. Stay-at-home parents are often more stressed than working parents as they are bored and get very little time away from their children. Finding a rental house that eases this stress is not difficult and can be vital to a parents sanity! Sometimes this is as simple as choosing a house with a good layout. A kids play room can get them out your hair for a while or just having enough bedrooms ensures everyone has their own space to retreat to.

If you have a hobby that you enjoy, try and find a rental home that accommodates this. This can come in the form of an outside room where you can paint, like-minded neighbours who will go walking with you or even a good market nearby where you can get fresh ingredients for your cooking hobby. If you need to get the kids out of the house sometimes without spending a fortune, then look for a rental home with a park nearby or a place where you can go for walks and get some fresh air.

The Right Rental Property for Single Parents
Many single parents work to support their children and with this comes a whole set of other factors to consider when looking for a rental home. Finding a house in a good neighbourhood with a sense of community spirit can be a life saver for single parents. Friendly neighbours will help you out when you need it, or with babysitting should you need to go to work or leave unexpectedly. The proximity to schools and public transport is also essential for working single parents. Getting a child to school is much more difficult should you have to commute and be on time for work. Being close to public transport is also essential if you have a nanny or helper who needs to be able to get to and from your house easily.
Buying the Right investment Property to Rent Out
Many people invest in property in order to rent it out as an investment or to make some extra money. Bigger rental properties will attract families and before you choose a property to buy and successfully rent out, there are some factors you should consider.
* Make sure that the house is in an area that will attract families  one that is safe, friendly, clean and close to good schools.
* Do some work on the property to make it family safe. Fence off the swimming pool, fix any loose wiring and remove any potential hazards.
* Set up some of the bedrooms as childrens rooms or the study as a play room so potential tenants can picture the home working for them.

One of the best ways to find the right rental property to invest in is to surf the internet. There is a huge variety of rental property listed online and each listing is accompanied by detailed descriptions. This ensures that you can decide which properties might work for you without the hassle of going to see each and every one. This is an ideal resource for both renters and buyers allowing you to investigate a much wider scope of possibilities, ensuring that everyone finds the right house for them.

Diabetes Is Now Recognized As A Family Disease

Diabetes is often called a family disease because if affects more than just the diabetes patient. If impacts the immediate family and the relationships of close friends as well.

It can be a hard bit of news for anyone diagnosed with diabetes. In a single moment, the rest of your life is undeniably altered. You can no longer consume your normal, everyday foods without caring about the consequences, you constantly have to test your blood sugar level, you maybe have to even take prescription medicine, and, in the worse case scenario, you can end up losing limbs or doing major damage to body’s organs.

Yes, having diabetes is a life changing event for everyone. The patient, his family, friends, and other loved ones as well.

One of the first and most important changes required is a change in the patient’s diet. Suddenly there are whole categories of foods that are “off the table.” The patient has to learn a great deal and become familiar with procedures for planning healthy meals. He has to learn how to look at a fast food or restaurant menu and decide which foods are ok to order. And at home, if the family cook doesn’t want to continuously be responsible for cooking two sets of meals, entire menu plans may change – forcing the others in the family to adjust to the diabetic’s nutritional needs.

A different likely change that has a potential impact on the entire family is the further medical assistance that the patient with diabetes will require. Dependant on the severity of the illness, the family’s income state of affairs may be drastically impacted. The family may have to make budget induced changes such as buying cheaper foods, clothes, and other items. And if the diabetic is a child, he will probably need more attention than the other children, possibly leading to the other children feeling jealous because they are now receiving less attention.

Accepting diabetes is particularly hard for teenagers to handle. The teen years are already hard enough. And what teen wants to risk being an outcast from the rest of his peers? They want to be with their friends, eat what their friends eat, drink what their friends drink, and so on. And now they find out that they risk doing long term damage to their body and health, if they try to imitate their friend’s eating habits. For a teenager, this can very well lead to feelings of being isolated and different. And teens don’t like to be different from each other.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right attitude, the illness can in fact strengthen relationships. This is a chance to treat the disease as a learning experience for the family by helping the family to learn and practice better dietary habits. As the entire family begins to eat healthier meals, not only is the chance of other members developing diabetes decreased, their overall health is increased as well.

This can also be used as an opportunity to strengthen friendships and discover who your real friends are. Diabetes is nothing to be ashamed about and a teenager shouldn’t hide it from his or her friends. If a “friend” is willing to drop you because you are “afraid” to drink or eat the things that the in crowd is doing, then they are not truly your friend. Good friends are worth their weight in gold, and a good friend will understand and stick by you regardless of your illness.

It’s critical for anyone being treated for diabetes that they have the support of their family. Children and teens are a good deal more likely to be successful in maintaining healthy eating and exercise habits if the entire family and support group of friends is helping them.

The important thing is to realize that when diabetes is diagnosed, everyone has to have time to adjust to the new circumstances. And to realize that help is out there, if you need it.

Blended Family With Two Sets Of Children, No Problem

If you are finding the job of being a step mom or step dad difficult, you are not alone. Movies and television shows would have us believing that success is inevitable when two adults with children meet, fall in love, and decide to blend their two families. And it all happens within a one- or two-hour time frame! In blended family life, real life, making it happen does not always come so quickly or easily.

The joys of blended family living
A blended family with two sets of step kids has great potential for being that great big happy family you and your spouse envision, and the rewards of being a step mom and a step dad are boundless. Finding an entirely new set of people to love and to love you is always worthwhile; and the simple act of expanding compassion, affection, and interest in others can have far reaching effects. It is not, however, all sunshine and roses. Being a step mom or a step dad can be gratifying, but try not to expect too much.

Step sibling challenges
Try not to expect that your particular set of step kids, no matter what their ages, will automatically get along. Most step siblings do have one important thing in common: none of them asked to be there. Blended family step siblings, whether they like it or not, have to share a home and learn to get along, despite seeing each other only on weekends or holidays when one set of kids lives with another parent.

One set of step kids may be older and live away from home, joining the step family only occasionally. It really helps to be patient and understanding, and to have reasonable expectations of how quickly step siblings want to, and then manage to, become a unit.

Territorial issues
In a step family, territory is often an issue. Kids who have had their own rooms in a previous house may find sharing accommodations, even for short visits by step siblings, difficult to manage. In some blended family homes accommodations can be very crowded, but do try to make sure everyone has at least some private or personal own area in their shared room. Having their own place to put toys, books and clothes where no one will bother them can go a long way toward making visiting step kids feel more welcome and resident kids feel less intruded upon.

You must expect, and receive respect from each member of your step family, and each member in turn must be able to expect, and receive respect from you and everyone else. When you set your ground rules for living as a blended family, make treating each other in a respectful and caring manner an absolute and non-negotiable decree.

As step parents in a step family, even-handed and fair treatment is vitally important, because step siblings notice if someone gets preferential treatment or is not challenged when they refuse to follow household rules. Speaking or acting out in disrespectful ways among step siblings or between step kids and step parents, in either direction, must never be tolerated.

Step parents often feel they ought to love their step kids in the same way they love their own. The time may come when everyone in the blended family knows they are wholly loved and accepted, and it is lovely when it does, but to expect indistinguishable love right away is an unreasonable expectation.

Initially, all you can do is to be fair in your dealings with both bio and step kids, and to take a genuine interest in your step kids. It is usually easier, and a lot more genuine, to love someone for whom they really are and not just because you think you should. Remember, you choose your new spouse, and if those step kids seem very un-loveable at times, then love them through your spouse.