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Different Not Less

Different Not Less

My name is Eric. In 2011 I wanted to help my daughter to receive services and to find resources to do just that. I decided to have a “Benefit Concert”. Little by little this project grew. More bands became involved and more people came together for a good work.
Rock Autism was born. And now the purpose is the same. The need is greater but the purpose is the same, to help children and adults alike in the Autism Spectrum to receive services, activities, and fun filled events that allow them to live fulfilling lives.

How can a music event or music in general, help children with ASD to succeed? It has been proven that music is a very effective tool for people in the spectrum. Even though the volume can be an issue with their sensory, they feel the music and it can be healing.
Rock Autism has quickly become a way for families to get together and show their support for their loved ones, receive resource ideas from all over the Inland Empire, and just have a good time around people who like you just the way you are. All this while supporting a good cause. All the money raised goes to Autism Society Inland Empire which then goes back into the community for vital programs and resources for children and adults alike with ASD. Check out the website at

So stay tuned as we will continue to post updates, pictures, videos, and information on Rock Autism 2013 as well as past Rock Autism events. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions. So remember the date September 21, 2013. Put it on your calendar!


Eric Ochs
Organizer, Rock Autism


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This is Kylee. I am supporting her as well as the many friends I have met along the way. Show us your pictures.

Let us know who you are supporting. Who is going? Let’s join together and make a difference in our communities. Sign up today at Be counted and make your support count by walking in the beautiful Yucaipa Regional Park.

Your support will help in more ways than one. As you walk to show you  care, your donation will help support many vital programs and resources in the Inland Empire.

How can you be counted?

1) Sign up at and donate your $10 fee.

2) Sign up at the link above and then donate on the day of the event.

3) Purchase an Official Walk and Rock T-Shirt at the registration table and/or the Rock Autism booth.

4) Other products available to support Autism Society Inland Empire at the ASIE booth as well as the Rock Autism booth.

5) Purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win some great prizes including a free photo shoot, an Xbox and Fender Electric Guitar package with amplifier! All proceeds to support resources now provided by Autism Society Inland Empire.

6) Enjoy some great food at the Snack Shack or a burrito at Jose’s booth.

Debit and Credit cards accepted for merchandise, food items and raffle tickets.

Thank you for your support to your loved ones in all the ways you show it this Saturday. See you there.



Jose Logo

  Jose’s is a local favorite in Yucaipa. Known for their friendly environment paired with food made from fresh ingredients. Jose’s is joining together with us to help our families. When you purchase a burrito, chips and a drink from Jose’s, the proceeds go to Autism Society Inland Empire. The combo is only $5.00. A great value and your purchase will help to continue the great resources available through ASIE. Thank you.

Braeden McCann singing the national anthem at a recent Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim game.

Braeden McCann singing the national anthem at a recent Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim game.

Braeden McCann is a 15 year old singer song writer. He is very talented and we are privileged to have him in the Rock Autism lineup next Saturday. He will be backed by LooseFit. Don’t miss his performance. Click Braedens link below to visit  his website for  previous performances.

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Now you can take the Rock Autism 2013 flyer with you. Share with all your friends. Download the flyer below. The new flyer contains an electronic version to take with you by scanning the code on the flyer. Spread the good word. Post the flyer somewhere locally or send the link to a friend!

Rock Autism Flyer

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Last year Kodi Lee awed the crowds with his sheer talent. Kodi is in fact, legally blind and Autistic. He is a savant. Kodi’s desire to show his great ability through music is no surprise. His family lives life with the same passion, and Kodi takes his talent and inspires all to live to their abilities. I call myself a friend of Kodi and The Lee family and have seen first hand the great work they do for others through music.

On May 12th, 2012, Kodi came on the Rock Autism stage, sat down and played a raw version of “Imagine”. As the lyrics combined with the talent hit you, you could not  help but be moved. He then was joined by a full band and he truly rocked the house. From Chuck Berry to The Ramones, his range is limitless.

Come to Rock Autism 2013 on September 21st where Kodi will once again grace the stage. Sign up for the Walk and Rock at and after you walk for that someone you care about, stay and be amazed by Kodi Lee. We hope to see you there.

2012 Rock Autism Commercial Shoot

2012 Rock Autism Commercial Shoot



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Want to Help the Walk & Rock Event?


This year we are holding Walk along with our Annual Rock Autism Event.  The first committee meeting will be Wednesday, July 17th at 6:30 pm in Yucaipa.  It will be a no-host dinner at Jose’s,  33561 Yucaipa Blvd, Yucaipa, CA.  Please RSVP to Eric Ochs at  (951) 552-5912 or